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Green Grader

Grading homework, tests and quizzes is time consuming enough without constantly looking for your grading scale. Green Grader puts a grading tool in the palm of your hand. Always with you, always ready.


Slugg Bugg

What's more fun than seeing a bright, colorful, bug shaped car and hitting your brother or sister in the arm? Not Much! Eventually mom or dad will threaten to "Turn this car around if y'all don't settle down in the back seat." SlugBug lets you continue the game and keep track of your scores.



I believe that design and function walk down the beach holding hands. I believe that color, layout and usability all hang out at the same taco joint on the weekends. I believe that creativity is not something you are born with, rather a muscle that can be developed. Mostly, I believe that software should perform a core set of tasks with an interface that is easy to use and tickles your brain a little.

Drop me a note if you've got a question, idea or if you just want to say 'Howdy'.


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